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We are developping ourselves and our products constantly, because good quality is not sufficient enough to coop with the market demands.

Our slogan: starting with the idea ending up with the final product. We are prooving our expertise in research and development every day with new solutions for individual packagings, optimized materials and for further fields of use. A various number of patents and protected utility products are proof of our innovation power. We are developing together with our customers in close cooperation specific packaging concepts. Creativity, willingness for innovation, flexibility and modern IT-solution are bringing us to the point that reliable successful products can be created according to the demands of our customers, the markets and our ideas.

Henke Verpackungen

Our philosophy

This is what WE are standing for:

  • Continuous development of our company as company culture and existing philosophy.
  • Our acting is embossed by the understanding of our customers and their market settings.
  • Our customer relationships grown up by competency, reliability and flexibility to strengthen and to deepen
  • Continuous expansion of the business united – “Henke – Verpackung” and “topfit” as strategic goal
  • Healthy growth by innovation and product development as well as continuous acting on new markets, ideas and business segments.
  • An investment policy, which leads our process reliability and quality to a matter of course
  • Transparency, responsibility and motivation in our company departments.
  • Continuous development of our employees and processes in a quick reacting, complex and global market setting
  • Intent consideration and continuous optimization of our cost structure to ensure our market positions, profitability and employment.
  • Resource-conserving and energy-efficient behavior is the basis for all corporate processes
  • Aligning the manufacture of products with the needs and requirements of our customers, striving to best understand and meet product use, efficient processability, and legal and customer technical and normative requirements. This way of thinking and acting constitutes our food safety culture, which is to be actively communicated in all areas of the company and lived by all employees.
  • The FSMS implemented is designed to provide a systematic approach to meeting relevant requirements, making necessary changes to the system, and evaluating performance and goal achievement.

Lohne, 19th May 2021

Jürgen Henke

General manager

Siegfried Trimpe

General manager


We want to offer always constantly good quality to our customers. This is what we are demanding from ourselves. Since years we are making efforts to keep our productionsprocesses on the newest level. Due to this we could achieve three very important certifications and we are passing them regularly. Beside the Hygiene certificate FSSC 22000 Packaging, we attach importance to the protection of ressouces. This can be seen in our Energy Management Certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

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