We think about the future


Protecting the environment and the climate are a social responsibility. The daily work of our managers and employees is shaped by this task and an integral part of our corporate culture.

We all know that fossil raw materials are very limited - that is why we are also working on new concepts that enable the use of renewable raw materials. Together with raw material manufacturers, institutes and customers, we develop products that consist of renewable raw materials, e.g. based on sugar cane, without losing the conventional properties of a fossil raw material.

At Franz Henke GmbH & Co. KG, we rely on resource-saving production in our production.

Our products in the horticultural sector are partly produced from PCR (post-consumer recycling). This means that these products are made from materials from the yellow sack. This protects the environment and resources.

In the “packaging” business, we already offer products made from renewable raw materials (bioplastics).

Thinking about tomorrow today

Resource-friendly production

We understand that our corporate action requires to assume economic, ecological and social responsibilty. Since we are willing to assume this responsibility, we have defined sustainability as an integral part of our corporate philosophy. It is this awareness that has secured the success of our company since over 90 years and that will continue to safeguard the Franz Henke GmbH & Co. KG in the future.

We identified three main areas that help us to to continuously optimise our sustainable efforts.

If you want to know more about our ambitions, especially concerning alternative raw materials, click here.

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