Further development through growth

A few months ago, Fiba Kunststofftechnik from Schneiderkrug was integrated into our Henke organization. This step has enabled us to expand our portfolio. In addition to the capacity increase in the area of twist-off closures, we now also manufacture a wide variety of jars and cans for the cosmetics industry, as well as technical articles, e.g. for the furniture industry, at our location in Lohne.

Our products

Two strong brands

Our two brands Henke Verpackungen and Topfit are in the meantime well established in the fields of total packaging and gardening. Our product portfolio Henke Verpackungen includes beside bowls and gauging spoons primarily lids and caps. The brand Topfit serves especially the range of flower pots, beginning with pots for planting flowers up to hanging baskets. Due to our long lasting experience in these fields we can offer our customers not only high quality products out of our standard products, we can as well realize special wishes with definite dimensions.

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